Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ben's big month!

I am so proud of my little Ben! For a kid that was not excited to go to school he has adjusted and is doing really well! So well he was student of the month for January. Keep up the good work Ben

On January 19 Ben turned 6 years old. I brought cookies into his class and they sang to him. He was most excited about getting to wear a birthday crown. He and Lucas decorated his cake. This is a great tradition I think I will keep every year. They had such a great time, I had to help with the frosting. It's crazy when Jacob was in Kindergarten I was pregnant and had Ben and now Ben is in K and I'm pregnant and will have Kaylee in March. Steve threw him a party that weekend, he was so excited to have some of his school friends over. He said it was his best birthday ever!

Bridal Shower for Shanna

This is my good friend Shanna, we have been friends for 7 years. We were in the same ward in Oxnard together and after a messy divorce she ended up in our ward here in Moorpark, her mom lives here too! Her son Luke and Jacob are best friends. I was so happy for her when she met a great guy and they decided to get married, I threw her a bridal shower. I am not a hostess by nature but I kept it simple and it turned out great and Shanna felt our love and support which was the whole reason I wanted to do it!

I was especially proud of the cake I made! I'm so mad at myself for forgetting to bring the camera to the reception(sorry Tiff!) Shanna looked so beautiful and happy and I've never seen a Mormon cultural hall look so elegant and lovely!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Day of School September 2009

Summer is over, time to go back to the daily grind. An exciting new adventure for all 3 boys. Jacob started 6th grade at Mesa Verde Middle School. 6 different classes and teachers. I was very nervous for him, I like that they keep the 6th graders seperate from the 7-8th graders. He really enjoys middle school and is doing well. He got 2 A'S and 4 B's on his reprot card!Ben started kindergarden at Campus Canyon Elementary, his teacher is Mrs. Fisher and she is great. It is a K/1st combo class and I worried Ben would fall behind. He is doing so good, he is reading and writing and behaving well! I am so proud of him

Lucas started preschool at Mountain Meadows. He goes 3 days a week from 12-3. I work in the class 2x a month. As you can see in the picture below Lucas was jealous he wanted to go to kindergarden too! He's at the desk crying behind Ben. So I had to bite the bullet and pay for preschool, luckily this preschool is very affordable and Steve has been doing really well at work.It has been crazy running around between 3 schools at 3 different times. I'm so grateful to be in a carpool for Mesa and our neighbors and friends the Omer's take Ben to school in the morning and then I pick up. It's not so bad and it's only 1 year and the perk is I get 2 hours by meself 3 days a week! Next year Ben and Lucas will be at C.C. all day and I'll have lots of quality bonding time with my daughter!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost time to rename the blog.

I resolved to start blogging again this year, where to start? I was feeling overwhelmed so I'll start with the biggest news. In June we decided to have another baby and even though I changed my mind it was too late, in July I found out I was pregnant! I prepared myself to have another boy. At 16 weeks he told me it was 80% likely to be a girl. I didn't let myself get too excited. At 22 weeks he confirmed it was 100% a girl. I cried . I still can't believe I'm going to have a daughter. I guess I'll believe it when I am holding her in my arms. I am due April 1st but will have her the last week in March via c-section. This picture is me at 27 weeks. We are so thrilled to have a baby on the way. Her name will be Kaylee Joy Fenske. I guess my blog will be called "The Fenske Guys and their Gals"?