Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Discovery Center in Santa Ana

On Sat. we met mom and Marty half way to pick up the boys. We went to the Science Museum, the big black cube off the side of the 5 freeway a few miles past Disneyland. When I walked in and saw the boys they ran to me and smoothered me with hugs and kisses, that was the best part. The museum was really cool and we had a good time. Jacob really enjoyed everything, there was lots of hands on stuff. Ben liked the Bob the builder exhibit and Lucas liked the fossil puzzle in the dino exhibit. They had a "grossality" exhibit. It was all about feces(poop) one of my kids favorite words, bugs and other yucky stuff. After we had lunch at the huge mall there and walked around.

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Here's some pictures from the boys time in San Diego. They went to Sea World and had breakfast with the Sesame Street characters, the zoo and rode the train at Balboa park, Grandpa and Jacob went to the movies and saw the Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor(Jacob said it was kinda scary)and went school clothes shopping, ate lots of gogurts and cheetos, and the highlight of the trip they played the WII. I asked each one what their favorite memory of the trip was Jacob and Ben really enjoyed Sea World and Lucas said DOO DOO's, my mom's dog.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

O.K. I'm starting to miss my boys!

Just when I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown and ready to run of to the funny farm for some rest and relaxation my mom and Marty came in to save the day! Aren't parents wonderful? They are always there for you especially when you feel you have no one you can turn to, they are there to help in any way they can! My parents had mentioned taking the boys for a couple of days this summer but I wasn't going to call and bug them. Summer came and went and just in the nick of time, 1 week before we get back to the daily grind, that's right school. My mom called and said can we take the boys? You betcha! I love my boys, they just wear me out! Saturday night my parents came in from San Diego and we went to our ward activity, a potluck in the park. They stayed the night and took the boys home with them after church on Sunday. I called Tuesday night and everything was going good so she decided to keep them till Sat! Steve and I are having the best time being what feels like newlyweds! We are so good together, he really is my best friend! So what have I been doing with all my free time? Long runs, sanded down and painted my bathroom(which is a lot of work!), cleaned out the garage, went through all my old baby clothes and gave them away, hung up my curtains, mopped my floor, wiped down the walls and doors, taken several pilates classes, and not cooked a single meal all week, and lets not forget the coveted uninterupted watching T.V. and resting! As great as this has all been today I miss my children! I'm tired of cleaning and working. I'm all rested and ready to do what I do best; be Jacob, Ben, and Lucas's mom! I'm so grateful that my mom and Marty were able to take the boys and bond with them. They will never forget the memories they have of these times. I never really knew my grandparents that well so my boys are really lucky! As am I to have such wonderful, loving, and giving parents that I have. Thank you Mom! You'll never know how much this time means to me and how good it has been for the boys, myself, and my marriage!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


My last post I said that Lucas was the best birthday present ever, that was before I saw "Wicked". Just Kidding, most of the time. It was amazing! I have never been to a broadway show or any kind of theatrical production of this caliber. The performaneces, the set, the dance numbers, costumes, singing, the story....fantastic!!!! I wish I could go again, I might have to try the $25 front row lottery one week night before it ends its run. We tried but did not get picked lucky for us they offered us $45 tickets because we already agreed we would not pay more than $100 for both tickets. Our seats were great and even if you did pay alot more it is totally worth it! My favorite scene was "Defying Gravity" it absolutely took my breath away and gave me chills. Poor Steve I kept hitting him all night saying "this is great,this is amazing,can you believe this!" He loved it just as much as I did. Whoever wrote the story is so talented, it all ties together so well. I will never watch the movie the Wizard of Oz the same again. I am going to buy the CD tomarrow! I am so glad I got to share this experience with my husband, we had such a great night and we needed a good date night! If you haven't seen it, you really should!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lucas turns 3, I turn 33.

This is a little late but Happy Birthday Lucas! He turned 3 on July 23. It's crazy cuz it feels like I just had him. They have been a hard 3 years but I love my little kookadoos! He has the best smile and beautiful hair. He is the best birthday present I've ever gotten. My birthday is the day after his July 24. It's funny when I was a little kid I remember my mom being 35 and it seemed so old and now I'm almost there. We got lucky this year, Auntie Heather and Jonathan were here from New York and got to celebrate with us, twice. Once in San Diego at my mom's house. We went to our favorite restaraunt in El Cajon, they have live marachis singing and the best mexican food. I get my birthday present tomarrow night, we are going to see "Wicked" I have been dying to see it and I can't wait!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I can't believe this is my bed!

So lately I've been really depressed/embarassed because my house is so dirty, dumpy, and crappy. Everything we have is used or thrashed from my kids. Pretty much all of my friends and family have nice houses and most of the time it doesn't bother me, I'm just happy to be able to pay our mortgage,but this week it really got to me. It started when I ordered slipcovers online for my couches, that are filthy dirty just like my carpets! Anyways I got all excited and got a really good deal...... I should have known better........ofcoarse they did not fit on my oversized chair, I guess I measured wrong and since 1 didn't fit I had to send them all back.....why can't things just work out? I'm never going to order anything online again! What a hassel to return everything! I better get all of my $$ back, I have the worst luck! Now I'm depressed because I don't think any will fit. All of our furniture is oversized with padded arm rests and I'm scarred to try and go through the same hassel again. Anyways, in my quest for slipcovers I looked in Linens and Things which is going out of business everything is 50-75% off. I found the most awesome deal! I got a whole bedding set in a bag including 2 sets of sheets, 2 matching window treatments with valances,3 throw pillows and a throw blanket! It's beautiful, it matches my red walls and I have 2 windows! Perfect! It gets better...the original price was 279.00, which I would never pay, I got it for 79.99! I can't believe it worked out I was so nervous because all sales are final. I love it and it makes me happy. I can't wait to sleep in it and ya know do the other things you do in bed! Sometimes I do feel guilty when I make large purchase that I don't really need but I deserve this the comforter that was on our bed we got when we got married, 7 years ago from Target,and it was nothing special. Now to keep my kids from thrashing it.