Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Agoura Great Race: Half Marathon

Shawna and I before. It was soooo cold! I couldn't feel my toes until mile 3, they were so numb from the cold. We did the Pacific Half instead of the Chesebro this year which was all street. We thought it would be easier and didn't really train at all. We were wrong! It was all up hill on Kanan rd. and around Malibu Lake down and around and back up hill to the finish at Agoura High School. The scenery was beautiful but you couldn't really enjoy it because there was one hill after another!

Me crossing the finish line, I know I am a dork! My goal was to finish under 2 hours and my time was 1:59:06, I barely made it but I felt fine after I wasn't sore the next day except for my shins from the downhill on the pavement. So I'm pleased to announce this was the beginning of my training for the L.A. Marathon on May 25! It is on Monday this year, it's usually on Sunday as most marathons are and I want to be obedient to the Sabbath so I know this is meant to be!

Shawna and I after. I talked Shawna into doing the L.A. Marathon with me. She is my most hardcore friend and she likes to push herself as hard as I do! Wish us luck!

This year the race had extra special meaning. Last year my friend Ginger Clinton that passed away ran the 5K and she was very proud of her accomplishment. To honor her memory a big group of us, her whole family included, all participated in various races. We all wore red shirts, her favorite color, with the word "Happiness" on the front and her initials on the back. It was very cool to see all the red shirts and remember Ginger. Honestly a couple of times throughout my 13 miles I called on Ginger to help me, I felt her spirit and presence there. She was such an awesome person! I miss her so much!