Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pinneo's Annual Halloween Party 10/24

Our friends Mandy and Charlie have a great party every Halloween. You have to wear a costume and no children allowed! This is the 3rd year and it keeps getting better and better every year. I was Hannah Montana, and if you don't have kids over the age of 5 that watch the Disney Channel you probably don't know who that is, Mom. It's Miley Cyrus'alter ego, she's a pop star. Steve was a fat sumo wrestler. Everyone votes for their favorite costume and the winners get prizes..good prizes! First place went to the Eggleston's a.k.a Sarah Palin, she looked just like her and John McCain. 2nd went to the Scooby Doo crew, and 3rd to the clothesline hanging between 2 trees.(I'm bummed I didn't get a pic of the Wright's)Charlie and Mandy were Ms.Hannigan and Daddy Warbucks from Annie. Good food, good friends, good times! Thanks Pinneo's!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We had a preschool field trip to Underwood Farms again. This time we got to pick a pumpkin. It was so much bloody hot that day it kinda put a damper on things but the boys really enjoyed the corn maze, it was hard but we made it through. After the pumpkin patch the kids ate a snack and threw hay at each other while country music blarred out of the sound system. I love watching kids play. They don't have a care in the world, too bad we have to grow up!

More prop.8 madness

So the other day I was at a stop light and I hear someone yelling at me "Gay people deserve to be married too!" Obviously he opposes prop.8 and my bumper sticker annoyed him so much he thought it was o.k. to yell at me and my children, ya know the whole equal rights bit yada yada, it was a very long light anyways Jacob yells out the window "yes on 8" we all started chanting, it was fun.
Today Jacob came home from school and tells me "I told Jed to encourage his parents to vote yes on prop.8" He said "of coarse they are voting yes, if they don't some guy might ask me to marry him, gross!" Kids tell it like it is!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

B is for bikes, L is for Lucas, P is for praying mantis

We bought the boys bikes this summer and they love to ride them. I cone off the entrance to our alley and sit in my beach chair while they ride around and train for our future family bike rides, I'm the only one now who doesn't have a bike but I guess I could run along beside them...........Here's Lucas practicing his L's, he's mastered the we'll work on U.........This big praying mantis was on our gate yesterday, I thought it was pretty cool!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I love a parade!

On Sat. we walked with other families in support of prop. 8, a proposition on the upcoming election to keep marriage between a man and wife! For those of you that don't know the California Supreme Court, 4 San Francisco based judges, gave gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. Prop 8 restores traditional marriage, between man and wife, and is an ammendment to the state constitution which cannot be overturned again. In 2001 California voters said "No" to gay marriage, we are hoping for them to come out and vote the same!
This has nothing to do with gay or lesbian rights, this prop does not take away any rights or benefits from them. I am not homophobic, I love Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi, I wish them all the best and I would never discriminate against anyone who was gay. I'm just protecting something that I believe is ordained by God and it is sacred.
Without prop 8 our children will be taught in public schools as early as kindergarten that there is no difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage. I do not agree and that is my religious freedom to feel that way.
I'm so tired of the line between tolerance and acceptance getting blurred. Yes I tolerate it but no I do not have to accept it as right! Anyways we have been out knocking doors to inform/educate voters about and rally support for prop.8 and this past Sat. we walked in the Moorpark Country Days Parade. There were 350 of us families, we passed out fliers and candy, we all had on matching tshirts and balloons and we sure made a statement! Unfortunatly it rained but that didn't damper our spirits or the crowds.I was so proud to walk with my family and support this righteous cause!
Please vote this election and if you live in the state of California please vote Yes on Prop 8!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disneyland again!

The gift that keeps on giving.....We upgraded the tickets my mom and Marty bought us for Christmas to an annual pass! So far we've gone with the family, just Steve and I, and this time just me and the little boys. We called Grandma Karen to see if she wanted to meet us there and she did! I'm so glad she came, it was like old times. We used to go everywhere together up until she moved away! Anyways it worked out perfect we pulled up in the parking garage about the same time. We had a great day. Our longest wait time was like 15 minutes for Toy Story Mania which is brand new. It was incredibly hot in the day but it turned into a perfect night! The boys were so good! It really was a perfect day! The only disappointment was the playhouse Disney Live show at California Adventure was cancelled for the day and the boys were really bummed. Lucas said "that stinks!" and "It's a Small World" ride is still closed until Nov. I love Disneyland, it is so magical. I still get excited even now after 3 trips. We are going again, the whole family for Halloween. I'm so excited to see the characters costumes! Thanks again Mom for joining me, it would have been kinda lonely without another adult to talk to and I know the boys loved seeing you again so soon! I love the picture of you and Lucas with the icecreams. Another shout out to Nicole and Kate for helping me out with Jacob!