Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kindergarden jump start

Yesterday Ben had his first day of school kinda......First Five has a program for children entering kindergarden that didn't attend preschool, we do the free preschool that is a mommy and me thing not real preschool. They go to mock school from 8:30-11:30 for 2 weeks. For a kid that didn't want to grow up and was not excited about kindergarden Ben loves it! I cried yesterday when I dropped him off and he was like c-ya mom!Lucas is really having a hard time with it, he wants to stay when we drop him off and go to school too! When we got home Lucas was like I miss Ben and started crying that we left Ben at school. I am going to fork out the cash and put Lucas in a cheap preschool this fall. This morning Ben was up at 6:30 dressed himself and was ready to go, I hope this behavior continues throughout his academic carreer unlike Jacob who hates to get up and I have to rush to get ready! The days drag by but the years fly I can't believe Ben is in school.