Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby Sarah

For those of you that don't already know Steve's sister, Maryann had a little baby girl on October 22, my mom's b-day also. Her name is Sarah Elizabeth Gulden and she is beautiful. She is the first granddaughter on both sides so she will be very well taken care of! They had her blessed this past Sunday, her daddy's birthday, and we were able to go before heading down to San Diego. Chris and Maryann can never move away from us because I am counting on her to be the daughter I'll never have, atleast until my boys get married! Ben sure loves his new cousin, she will be well protected by the Fenske boys you can count on that!

Christmas in San Diego

We headed down south to my mom and Marty's this year. Our first Christmas there, they've come up here the past 3 years. We just had to check out their house, you know how you drive to houses that are all decked out with lights and lawn fixtures, well that's their house inside and out! We had a great time and the weather was awesome! On Xmas eve we went to Balboa park it was like 80 degrees, Xmas day we went to the beach after presents and a run for mom. Steve went surfing and the kids and I played in the sand. Back to grandma and grandpa's for the best dinner ever! Marty is an amazing cook. We came home Tues. night and then celebrated again Wed. night with The Fenske clan. Paul came home from Utah with a new car to show off! I'm so grateful for our families they spoil us with love, the gifts are nice too, Disneyland tickets for the whole family plus $100 gift card to spend in the park!!!!Most of all I'm grateful for the Savior, our lord Jesus Christ, his love and his life are truly the best gifts of all. I am so grateful to know my Savior and love this time of year especially when we celebrate his birth.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yum.....Hot Cocoa........

It was really cold the other day, by Cali. standards, so I made the boys hot chocolate these pics were so cute I had to post them! Merry Christmas everybody We love you all!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Benjamin Gary Fenske!

Whenever you say your childrens full given name it's usually not good. Let me tell you this morning was really bad! I can not believe my little "totals". He intentionally pushed over the Christmas tree! I couldn't believe it.Luckily it's fake and there are no super fragile expensive ornaments on it. I didn't know what to do. I yelled, spanked, and sent him to his room then cried. Lucas was so cute he was patting me "don't cry mommy, I'll clean it up" and started hanging the ornaments back up, all on the same branch but I appreciated the help. I tell ya if it's not one it's the other or the other. Will there ever be peace in this house? Forget peace on earth I just want a little in my home this holiday season. j/k. Anyways I'm glad it happened here and not at someone else's house. Hopefully it won't happen again, Are you ready for us mom? ha-ha!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Honor Student

I'm so proud of my Jakies! He made the honor roll at school! All 3's and 4's on his report card. At first I thought it's elementary school, everyone probably gets on it, but I was wrong!Out of 64 fourth graders, only 34 made the grades! There was an assembly today and Ben, Lucas, and I all went and cheered real loud when they called Jacob Fenske! I was so proud I was crying. This is Jacob's first award of many I'm sure! We've had some struggles in the past and I'm sure many more to come but this was one of those moments when it's all worth it and you can't help but think you must be doing something right! Way to go Jakes!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fenske guys

So I took this picture on Sunday and I had to post it. How did I get so lucky? I have the best looking boys in the whole world!

Friday, December 7, 2007

My Lucas

How can the sweetest boy in the whole world be so stubborn and throw the wickedest tantrums? I love this kid so much. He is such a great eater, goes to sleep in his own bed without any protest,doesn't really get into too much trouble but man is he stubborn. There is no reasoning with this kid! Especially when it comes to candy. One piece won't do for him and he always has to hold the bag of whatever it is. He loves to be "nakey" we call it, nothing but a diaper. The minute we get home from anywhere he strips down. So this morning we get home from the gym and he starts pulling off his clothes, he's been wanting to do everything on his own lately, so the shirt is stuck on his head and one arm, he's screaming but won't let me help him because he wants to do it himself. This continues and everytime I go to help him he runs away crying but yet it's still stuck. I couldn't help but grab my camera. This kid eats a ton but is so skinny!It's no wonder. He probably burns like 300 calories each tantrum, full body flopping on the floor style and thrashing around in his crib when I put him in there because he can't get control! So multiply 300 by 3, atleast on a good day, 900 calories burned! Forget the gym I think we should all start throwing tantrums, nah too exhausting. I get tired just watching him. Hopefully this too shall pass! SOON!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I don't want to be "that" instructor!

So a couple of weeks ago I got a backhanded compliment, after my Wed. night class one of my regulars approached me.She asked me if it ever bothered me that I was the only instructor without a boob job? I really am the only one.Let's be honest it has always bothered me since I am extremly flat chested pretty much always have been with the exception of my pregnancies and breast feeding.I explained to her that I just couldn't imagine spending $4,000 for boobs! She agreed and told me she thought it was cool and appreciates the fact that I'm real and that's what she likes about me. She went on about how I dress and she appreciates that I'm not half naked like some of the other instructors. I have always wanted bigger boobs and have thought about augmentation. I don't want to be that instructor! I'm me and it is what it is! I can run and jump without any extra baggage. So if we have an extra $4,000 and you hear me taking about a boob job will you please remind me of this post! It's so hard to not get caught up in the images of the world we see and we begin to think that is what is normal and we should look like that. We are who we are and as long as we are trying to be the best we can be that is enough! Who defines perfection? Christ does and is perfection and if the world all strived to be like him we wouldn't have all these distorted perseptions! Just wanted to get that off my chest, no pun intended!

Monday, December 3, 2007

My little angel

So it's that time of year again, we pulled out the tree, yes it's fake. I thought I'd never have a fake tree ever but we got it free and it really is easy, less mess, and safe! So I start pulling out all the ornaments with the kids telling them about all my favorite ones. Then I pull her out, my little sentimental beauty, my angel. Every year Steve and I go at about how ugly she is and how much he hates her! Christmas is about family traditions, right?
I had this angel on my tree growing up until my mom upgraded and I had my own place and she gave her to me. Yes she's from a craft fair and made out of a paper towel roll but she's beautiful to me and represents my childhood Christmas memories. We didn't have alot of money growing up but somehow my mom always made Christmas special and memerable, except the year we ended up at Denny's, who knew everything was closed on Christmas, it's o.k. mom cuz even that is a great memory!
Any ways I convinced him yet again that this year will get a new tree topper at the after Christmas sales. That's worked every year so far but lucky for me he forgets and we pack her up till next year! I think this really will be her last year, he was pretty adament about not waiting and getting something this week. He wants a star. Wait till he sees how expensive tree toppers are then I think she'll be around till New Years.