Friday, November 30, 2007

I've been tagged!6 random things about me.............

I can't believe I'm doing this! I never respond to these things but I like being in the blog crowd and I don't want to be a party pooper, if anyone cares................
6 random things about me,
#1 I don't have a gall bladder. During my pregnancy with Jacob I developed gall stones, very painful, after my C-section I had to go to the emergency because I was in so much pain. I thought maybe the Dr. didn't put everything back in right. Anyways I had gall stones and the remove your whole gall bladder because chances are you'll produce more if they only remove the stones. I have the actual stone if anyone wants to see it.
#2. I love to do crossword puzzles,especially celebrity ones like in People or In Touch magazine
Which leads me to #3. I love to read celebrity gossip magazines and I know way to much "pop culture". Stuff that really doesn't matter!
#4.When I was pregnant with Jacob I bought my own engagement ring and wore it so I wouldn't look like another statistic, typical 21 unwed mother.
#5. I make up silly nick names for all my kids, "Scoots/Dootles/Doots", "Totals", and "Kookados/Kook(s)" and speak a language we call "zzzz's"
examples:"Hi'zzzz" "Dad'zzz"
#6. I used to love to slap my mom's butt and she would get so irritated but that was the best part! Now when Steve does it to me I get so annoyed, payback I guess!
So this was fun and I can't stop laughing at myself I'm such a dork!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'd marry him all over again!

Sat. Nov.24 was our 6 year anniversary! I know Steve probably feels the same way, I'm pretty moody, some days I ask myself did I marry the right person. I'm always so tired and not in the mood to be romantic or intimate.You kinda wonder does he still do it for me? We went away to Pismo Beach overnight and let me tell you I fell in love all over again! And "YES" he still does it for me!
We arrived in Pismo about 3:00p.m. and checked in to our hotel which was actually pretty nice for the price. Then we went rollerblading around the beach and watched the sunset.Back to the hotel and we hit the pool and jacuzzi. Then we had dinner and went to the movies and saw Enchanted, with McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy, which is totally adorable. Steve liked it too! The next morning we slept in and snuggled with each other,usually there is a Ben or Lucas in the mix.We had breakfast at Denny's and then we rented quads and went ATVing in the famous sand dunes. What a blast it's like a whole culture out there.Next stop the Monarchs, butterflies they migrate there to the eucalyptus trees there was like 10,000 of them in the trees it was awesome.One more walk on the beach there's some caves and tide pools to explore. There were sand dollars all over the beach. They were'nt all broken either so we collected a ton of them it was so cool. It was a great trip with my best friend, my husband, Steve. I love that man.We got home to the kids and Grandma Fenske around 7:30 sat. night. I'm glad they were good for her and Jacob was a big helper! It's a good thing we came home because Ben and Lucas were really sick that night, Ben was up all night coughing.
It's good to get away, we decided to do it more often and not wait another 6 years! When your sawing away, in life, no matter how long or how hard you saw your not making any progress unless you keep your saw sharpened, right?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

So this year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. My mom and Marty, Ruthann and Gary, and Chris and Maryann with baby Sarah all attended. I have to admit I had a little help with the turkey, I ordered a precooked one from Albertson's but I have to say I basted that baby every 30 min and it was juicy! All in all a great day! Since dinner was at our house I wanted to start a little tradition of our own. We made a 'thankful tree' and I have to give props to my mom because she made the whole thing happen. While I was cooking,Steve and Marty were at the park with the kids,mom traced and cut out all the leaves and tied them with string. We talked and had some nice mother daughter time. It was a nice peaceful moment, that is rare especially in my house. So everyone had to write something they were thankful for this year and we read them out loud, it was also a very cute centerpiece! I enjoyed cooking and am really proud of myself! Miss you Heather wish you were close by! Hope you all had a great holiday, the food is nice but family and love are what makes the day so special and one to remember!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still smiling! We're so hard core!

Biathlon pics

Nikki, the Biathlete!

This is old but I have a lot ofcatch up to do since I just started bogging.
So my friend Amy Adams, the only friend in my ward who gets the whole 'running thing',calls me one day and says "hey Nikki, there's this race at Zuma beach, it's a swim and run and it sounds like fun wanna do it?"
"Sure I love running, I'm not a swimmer but I'll try anything once."
So it's a 1/2 mile swim in the ocean onto a 3 mile run. Piece of cake.
So I'm training twice a week, swimming laps in the pool at the gym. I'm not a swimmer, remember? A 1/2 mile is 34 pool lengths, 17 laps. The first time was tough but it kept getting easier and I was getting faster so I thought I'll do great!
Let me tell you something swimming in the pool is nothing compared to the ocean! I thought I was going to die! It was so hard to get out past the break and I was all freaked out because you can't see anything when your head is in the water. I had the wrong wetsuit on, I used Jacob's for surfing which is way to thick and heavy. I wanted to take it off so bad but I thought Steve would get mad at me. I kept looking at the bouy and thinking I'm never going to make it! It's all mental I kept telling myself, "yes you can, your an athlete, your not a quitter, you can do this, keep going"
It worked I made it. When I ran up on the beach I felt amazing I was yelling " did it, I made it!" I had a pretty decent time like 45 minutes give or take a few seconds, I never officially checked the results. The moral of the story is you can do anything you put your mind too. It's 25% physical and 75% mental. If you think you can't, you probably won't!
I don't know how soon I'll be swimming in the ocean again, so don't expect any triathlons in the near future. What an amazing gifts our bodies are. I can't imagine being afflicted with any kind of illness or pain that would limit my pyhsical abilities. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for this gift he has given me, my physical body, I treasure it and I love challenging it!
Thanks Amy, I'm so glad we got to share this experience, it was fun!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Optimus Prime, A Pirate, and Blue

Mom, I swear Ben was Spiderman at the ward party, he just decided last minute he wanted to be a pirate again on Halloween night! Grandma Karen bought Jacob and Ben their custumes this year! Thank you!!!We had a great time trick or treating. Ben would rather stay home and pass out candy, Me too!

Love my boys

So way too often I wish I worked and could get away from the kids for more than an hour or two at a time. It's been especially hard the last couple of days because we've been home bound, good ol'hand,foot,and mouth disease, see Ben's hands. Anyways, they were really buggin' out so I put them in the bath to kill some time and we had a great time! I realized something, if I was at work we wouldn't have had this memory or these great pics! I love you, Jacob,Ben, and Lucas. I really enjoyed having Jacob home from school on Mon. he's great company, most of the time!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Show off!

So Mandy just emailed me this great pic of me waterskiing and I just had to post it!

Camping,Vacation or Work? Totally Fun!

I was having a hard time getting over the fact that last summer I did not get to go on vacation. I had been spoiled every year that we've been married we've taken several cool trips. Anyways we've been having a hard time financially and it didn't look like we were going to be able to get away this summer either. Until our good friends Mandy and Charlie Pinneo invited us to crash their annual family waterskiing/camping trip at Lake San Antonio. My first time waterskiing and I got up and had the best time of my life! However Mandy's dad a.k.a "the back breaker" took me and Amy out tubing. The water slapped me so hard in the face! I was so sore for the next few days I could barely turn my neck! It was the best time ever! The boys had a blast. Jacob's good friends from church Darren, Blake, and Ryan were also there so we didn't see much of him only eating and sleeping time! Ben had just been potty trained and so when we got home it took us awhile to break the habit of just dropping your drawers anywhere and peeing! Our tent was right on the lake! It was awesome just writing this brings all those great memories back. THANKS AGAIN Pinneos'
We love you guys!

So I'm Blogging!

Yeah for me after months and months of always envying everyone elses blogs and telling myself I'm going to get a blog going, even begging someone to help me because she has the best blog of all time, Mrs. Zeedik. I finally took the time to figure it out and go for it! It's not that hard, you know how computer illiterate I am. I barely learned how to copy and forward an email! I still need you Kate! I want people to know what we're up to and since I don't like to talk on the phone or type emails this is great! Also like Melissa I can use it as a type of family journal! I love you all and can't wait to get started!