Friday, May 9, 2008

Which Disney Princess are you?

So I've seen this on a couple of people's blogs so I decided to do it. It makes perfect sense, this is my all time favorite Disney movie, now I know why!
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You Are Ariel!

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Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom.

Which Disney Princess Are You?
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Melissa C. said...

I did the quiz, and I'm Pocahontas. But I always have a hard time with quizes like that, because there's usually more than one answer that I like.

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

you are totally Ariel.. I was Cinderella so not me....

Jenni said...

I was Ariel too. I was a little disappointed because Cinderella is my favorite, but I like Ariel too. My mom always hated Little Mermaid. She said she was a selfish spoiled brat that almost ruined everyone life. Maybe that lends a little to my opinion.