Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Baby Sara turns 1!

Too bad the party got rained out so we celebrated with a family dinner at our house!

I was so excited to make a strawberry shortcake cake. I was going to put fresh strawberries around it but they were rotting!I am a crappy auntie! I spelt Sara's name wrong on the cake! In my defense I have 2 friends named Sarah and they both spell it with an H! Good thing she can't read! Sorry Maryann!

My mom and my niece have the same b-day, Oct. 22. I always forget to buy my mom a card and actually write in it and get off in the mail by her birthday, that's what she gets for leaving me...j/k anyways I bought a little write and wipe board for the fridge to remind me to do things because I am very forgetful and get distracted easily so all week I kept saying I've got to get grandma Karen a card....(cute story alert)Ben comes to me in the kitchen and says"I got Grandma Karen's present....I hope she likes it!"he's holding a gift bag. I ask "what did you get her?" he opens up the bag and pulls out one of his toys. He proudly says "a rescue hero!"
I love this sweet, thoughtful, little boy!


rebecca said...

Adorable. I'm sure Grandma has always wanted a Rescue Hero! Cute cake, even with the h and without the strawberries. :)

Mom said...

I Love You Ben! Of course I would love a Rescue Hero. And I would be very proud that my Grandson gave it to me. I forgot that Sara's Bithday is the same as mine. Poor girl she is the last day of Libra and she won't be able to deside on anything. And everything will have to be balanced. I feel for her. And by the way you spelled it right, just like I spelled your name wrong Nichole insted of Nicole

AmyJune said...

YOu have such amazing cake "skills".

Nicole said...

Cute cake! I'm glad you get to do "girlie" things like that.
Love the Rescue Hero story. What a sweetie!

Kate said...

Ben is awesome. And there you go whipping out one of your incredible cake creations!