Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth Again!

We finally got a picture with Mickey!

Ben really wanted to do the teacups...I don't think I've ever gone on them before..Jacob didn't want to ride with us, he went in his own teacup!

This picture is blurry...too bad I love Jesse! Since Ben and Lucas have watched "Toy Story" 5 times

Toy Story Mania is awesome!

They had all the Christmas decorations up.

For the 4th time this year I went to Disneyland...another great trip! Steve took the day off of work and Jacob took the day off from school.(shh)We do something new every time, we went on Nemo, Autotopia, Star Tours and took the little guys on Splash Mountain, which could have possibly ruined our day but Lucas loved it and Ben not so much. They take your picture on the drop you should've seen Ben's face...pure terror! He did not cry though he just told us he doesn't want to go on that ride ever again. They have the most amazing show instead of a parade on the water in New Orleans is amazing! Small World was still shut down! Oh well an excuse to go back sooner! Maybe after the holidays....maybe sooner...Who has passes? Wanna go? Mom this was the best present ever! I believe we got our Christmas Card photo'll have to wait and see!


Jill said...

We have passes! Let me know next time you go. Maybe we can join you.

Davis family said...

super fun. I miss having passes. We love disneyland

rebecca said...

So fun! I love the pic of you in the teacup. You look so happy.

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

So much fun!!! Nikkster I love your hair in these pictures!!! We miss you guys so much!!

Nicole said...

I LOVE Disneyland! I can't wait to get passes again! I'll let you know when we do (I'm hoping Christmas, but not positive)

Mom said...

Anytime I had a blast with you and the two ittibittie ones

Meg said...

you must be happy people for all the visit you have to the Disneyland.