Thursday, July 2, 2009

My surfer dudes

Steve has dreams of family surf trips and taking his boys out with him when he goes surfing. He got one step closer today. Jacob went out with him. Every time we've gone to the beach so far this summer Jacob spends most of the time in the water, bogeyboarding or body surfing and now surfing. It's funny when I was in high school I always wanted a surfer boyfriend, there were lots of posers but I ended up marrying a real surfer! Now he's sharing his love of surfing with Jacob and he enjoyed it. I couldn't believe he didn't complain once and he did wipeout alot!
I can't believe how big my boy is getting! I am so proud of him!
He actually got up 2 times.
This is my favorite picture...what a stud!
Steve is such a great teacher. He has alot of patience and does most of the work. It's very hard to turn a long board and paddle out. You get worked alot. So it's nice to have him helping you out!


AmyJune said...

I want to learn. My bro tried teaching me many years ago and it was kind of fun.

Janet said...

so cute! like father, like son!

joyous said...

Awesome!! It's so cool to have "parent" dreams come true. :)

Mom said...

Nikki you really have to send me all of these great picks the ones from easter also that disc you made for me didn't have any of the picks you thought it did and we had to through it away. Jacob looks great in the picks and it's great that Steve is showing him how to surf. And I'm proud of Jacob to.