Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is a great lady and I'm not kissing up Steve. Her family is so important to her and she so selflessly gives, cooks, cleans, babysits, and is an awesome grandma. Thankyou Ruthann for being you and letting us take over your house for the week.We had some good times and made some great memories!

Steve's brother David, his wife Cinthya(she's a really cool dancer), their boys Dylan and Preston, along with Uncle Paul came home from Utah for a week. We went to FO FO Figgleys, too bad uncle Paul threw up in the car and had to go home. Luckily he felt better Christmas morning!

I love this picture. I also love no matter the distance between them when cousins get together it's like they've never been apart. Ben adores Preston he was by his side the whole week! It was very cute.

The highlight was the Wii, grandma Fenske got one for the boys to play and we got our own from Grandma Karen and Marty. Jacob is awesome on guitar hero. I like boxing. It's funny I'm pretty fit and the next day my back was sore from it...great workout! The other night Steve and I stayed up golfing just the two of us. It's a great gift! Thank you Fenskes and Woznys!

We had such a great Christmas this year! The whole Fenske clan was together for the whole week and my mom and Marty came up Christmas day. It was so great to be with our loved ones except my sister..someday we will spend Christmas together girl!


Amy said...

Cool! Love the green PJ bottoms. hee hee, I'm obsessed with green. :) That is way cool that you guys got a wii! Your soooo lucky.