Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it with my own eyes!

Jacob is outside right now playing football with his buddy Eddie from across the street! Steve would be so proud! He is not very athletic and I try to get him to be more physical but you know I'm just the annoying mom. He got into some trouble at school and can't play the computer, originally 1 week but his grades weren't too stellar so it's indefinate until he gets a positive note home from his teacher. It has been so good for him socially. Video games and the computer are fine but there has to be limits, I see why now. It was so easy to let him sit on the computer for 5 hours because he wasn't bugging me or his brothers so what's the harm right? As with all things in life there needs to be a balance. He was so obsessed with that game, it was all he would think or talk about. I hope he realizes this too! There's more to life than Runescape.


Tamster said...

So true!
Hey, Steve and family! I know that Steve probably won't be the one to see this, but since he's the one I know I thought I should say hi to him and his family. I think your name is Nikki?! Anyway, my name is Tami (Kelly) Gooch. I'm originally from Camarillo and grew up with Steve. I live in TX now. I don't remember whose blog I first found you guys on because we know a lot of mutual friends, but I've been meaning to say hi for awhile and just haven't yet. So here it finally is: HI!!! :-)
Anyway, if you want to check out our blog, it is Feel free to comment and/or sign our guest book or whatever. You may have seen my comments on other people's blogs; I know I've seen yours. Nice to meet you! Say hi to Steve, and I hope you stop by our blog sometime! :-)
Have a great day! And you have a great looking family, by the way! :-)

Tara Brooks said...

Oh my goodness I hate that game!!! Runescape and anything "Sims". I say they are the epitome of E V I L!! Ok so, they really aren't that bad. But my nephews (who are 12 and 15) are constantly wanting to play it. My brother can play it for hours and hours. I got hooked on SIMS at one point and nothing good ever came of it. I never even wanted to try Runescape, knowing I would get hooked.
I think any game that you can play for hours (and doesn't even require real hand eye coordination like other computer games) can't be very good.
Good luck on the balance and moderation.

Amy said...

Good for You! I think thats great! He must be happier to. But he dosn't want to show it.

Melissa C. said...

I totally know what you mean. I let Isaac play video games WAY too much because it keeps him out of my hair. Then when he does have a friend over, he doesn't know how to act. I want him to be more social, but it takes so much effort!

MaryAnn said...

Awesome! I am so glad he got outside. It's been beautiful.

Nicole said...

Darren keeps telling me how Jacob talks about that game all the time. We've never played it here so I don't know anything about it. I guess we won't start either! Good for you for getting him to do other things!

Mom said...

Yeah, Jacob needs to be out in the fresh air more. Hope you all had a happy Easter. We missed you all so much.

Kate said...

Jacob was sure sporting his muscles digging at the beach yesterday! Way to show him some fun in the sun! I got some pics I'll send you. Thanks for instigating a perfect beach day!