Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ben's big month!

I am so proud of my little Ben! For a kid that was not excited to go to school he has adjusted and is doing really well! So well he was student of the month for January. Keep up the good work Ben

On January 19 Ben turned 6 years old. I brought cookies into his class and they sang to him. He was most excited about getting to wear a birthday crown. He and Lucas decorated his cake. This is a great tradition I think I will keep every year. They had such a great time, I had to help with the frosting. It's crazy when Jacob was in Kindergarten I was pregnant and had Ben and now Ben is in K and I'm pregnant and will have Kaylee in March. Steve threw him a party that weekend, he was so excited to have some of his school friends over. He said it was his best birthday ever!


Nicole said...

Go Ben! I love that he decorated his own cake! So cute!

Kate said...

He looks SOOOOOO thrilled! It's the best feeling when your kids says it's their best birthday ever!!